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Heart Month 2020


This is the month we've all been waiting for! The month where the nation focuses on issues of the heart...disease, prevention, awareness, and health! So get out your red, brush up on your facts because...




Heart Month is for the survivors. Heart Month is a time to celebrate those who have survived and continue to survive heart defects and heart disease. Heart Month is for my sister and I, both CHD survivors. Heart Month is a time when we reflect on what we've faced, what we've been through, and how far we've come since our diagnosis, since our surgeries, and since our recoveries. It's a time to celebrate that fact that we beat the odds that our heart defects and disease have stacked against us and that we continue to beat them each and every day. Heart Month is for the survivors.

Heart Month is for those who know survivors. For the care givers, and the families. For the heart moms and heart dads who've had to face their worst fears as parents, who have advocated, and who fought for their children in ways parents should never have to. For the heart siblings who've never had a choice the matter but still choose to show kindness and care. For the grandparents that have stood by and the aunts and uncles that have stood watch. Heart Month celebrates the fact that even in the hardest and darkest times, heart disease and heart defects can bring families together, bring communities together, and even bring strangers together in the commonality of fighting for health and for happiness. Heart Month is for those who know survivors.

Heart Month is for those we have lost. Those who fought but hard but whose bodies gave out. For those little ones and big ones whose hearts needed mending but weren't or couldn't be mended. For those who didn't have enough time or didn't know soon enough. For those who spent too long waiting for help that never came. For those who didn't know until it happened and didn't get a chance to make changes. For those whose names and faces and we will never ever forget. Whose memories we keep alive every time we share their stories. The ones whose loss pushes us all forward in our fight for prevention and awareness and health. Heart Month is for those we have lost.

Heart Month is for those who look good in red. Because RED that is the color of the heart. It's the color of the blood that runs through it. It's even the color that we use when we draw a heart on a paper. This month, red is a reminder of our fight. This month, red is a reminder or our faith. This month, red is a reminder of those whose hands we can no longer hold, so we hold them in our heart. This month, wearing red says we are participating, it means community, and it represents family. Heart Month is for those who look good in red.

So whatever your reasons for celebrating Heart Month are, whatever your reasons for wanting to raise awareness, for wearing your red; let's celebrate Heart Month together. Together we can find a cure. Together we can find we are so far from alone. Together we can make a different and a change. Together we can find a community, friends, and even a family. Together we can build up and encourage. And together, this Heart Month, we can find hope.


PS: Here are some things you can do for Heart Month!

-Friday 2/7 is National Wear Red Day! Wear red to Raise Awareness for Heart Disease in Women and #goredforwomen

-Like, share, and comment on posts throughout the month!

-Donate to the American Heart Association or to Project Heart as they help to raise awareness for heart disease and defects as well support families who are fighting and beating the odds of heart disease and defects!

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