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Worth Celebrating

Usually when heart month rolls around I have a grand plan I've been working on for weeks. I plan out my posts, organize, I edit the photos I need, pre-write blog posts and get pumped!! At least that's what I did last year. You know, last year....last February. You remember last February, right? That time not-so-long-ago that feels like it was a whole other lifetime? That month right before the world seemingly imploded and exploded at the same time? Yeah, that one.

So, this year...I took one of the many lessons that last year taught us all, about not making any plans too far in advance... and I didn't make a plan. At all. I mean, I knew the month would come regardless of whether I was ready for it. But somewhere in the midst of my pandemic PTSD and quarantine brain fog, I just forgot to prepare. Plan and simple.

But now it's here. And now that it's here, I'm excited! So much has happened since last Heart Month. And because of all that has happened since then, it's important to celebrate when and where we can. Another lesson from last year for sure. It would be very easy to be upset about all that's been cancelled or postponed, all the time spent isolating and taking extreme precautions, all the things we can't do or the places we can't go...but that's so 2020. Even though it may not seem like much as changed or returned to normal, it's important to find things to get excited about, and things to celebrate.

So, let's celebrate this month. Let's celebrate all those who have survived and are surviving with heart disease and defects.

Let's remember this month. Let's remember all those that heart disease and defects have taken from us. And all those in our community who have been affected by COVID-19.

Let's spread awareness this month. Let's spread the awareness about congenital heart defects and disease and make sure that everyone knows about the 1 in 100 heart warriors in this world that fight to survive each and every day.

Let's work to prevent and promote this month. Preventing heart disease, and promoting living a heart healthy lifestyle though knowledge and understanding. And, and aaaaaand, let's not forget about preventing the spread of COVID-19 and promoting the importance of continuing to wash our hands, wear a mask and and wait 6ft apart. (Let's be honest, if you weren't washing your hands before this....I have no words for you except, "Ewwwwww.")

So, even though this month doesn't look like it did last year, it's still a month worth celebrating. Being a heart warrior is worth celebrating. Beating the odds day in and day out is worth celebrating. Being alive is SO worth celebrating.

Happy Heart Month! <3

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Stephanie Langford
Stephanie Langford
Feb 01, 2021

Love you Em, yep, you're a warrior...proud of you <3. Wearing my red on friday : ))


Feb 01, 2021

I'm celebrating .... esp. celebrating you and all you do to overcome and live beyond your health challenges! Keep it up!

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