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A Few of My Favorite Things

Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. I hope you sing that in your best Julie Andrews voice. I hope that you even know that reference! If not...send me an email, DM, text, phone call...NOW so I can guide you on the path to falling in love with The Sound of Music.

In all my love and warm, happy feelings surrounding Frauline Maria dancing and singing in her bedroom with the Von Trapp children, I have yet to figure out why that song is considered a Christmas song. (If you know, please PLEASE comment below and help a sister out!) Since Christmas is around the corner, I'm embracing the song's genre and sharing a few of my favorite things (ALLLLLLL which are available on Amazon baby!) Make room on the bed Frauline, here are a few of MY favorite things:

If you have thin hair like me, that seems to be shedding and more and more each day...then you need to get these. Not only have they made my hair thicker and stronger, but I found I was loosing way less hair and it was actually growing! It also helps my skin and strengthens my nails and help them grow too!

Anyone else love apple products but hate how the minute you get them they start to detirerate? And any one think that electrical outlets are too far away from where you actually rest your phone? Well, Amazon has made a perfect solution. Every charger cord I've had that came with my phone (or that I've bought from Apple) has frayed or simply broke. And I'm too short for them to be that short too. I ordered these 6ft charger cords from Amazon and I have had them for YEARS! They haven't frayed or broken or stopped working..and I've put them through it! They even come in several different colors if you want them to match your phone case or you pillow case because if you're honest that's where you do all your best scrolling and charging.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! It's so important! Especially for someone like me who has CHD. My Swig Savvy water bottle is my best friend! It keeps my water SO cold. I throw a few iceubes in my water in the morning and in the afternoon the ice cubes are still there. It comes in so many sizes and colors and has 2 options for a top. And it is durable. I've literally brought it everywhere, dropped it on the floor a few too many times, had it roll across a parking lot and under a car...and it isn't even dented! (Clearly I shouldn't have nice things...but that's a different story.) It's completely dishwasher safe too! A win for you and a win for your battle against dehydration!

This is one of my favorites. If you know me, you know I rarely wear make up and when/if I do; I don't wear a lot. This cleanser is so light but cleanses every dirt and grime as well as make up right off my face. You only need a little bit of it lasts a long time. And it doesn't leave a residue, just a clean and fresh feeling on your face. The best part is that it's natural so you feel good about using it on your skin!

This is another for my CHD peeps...or any really who might be interested in knowing their vitals or someone else's vitals. This little handy dandy too keeps me in the know about my Oxygen saturation as well as my BPMs. It's small and comes with a protective silicone case, and a string so you can wear it if you need or want to really rock it as an accessory. Also batteries are INCLUDED! How can you beat that? (But if you need batteries, Amazon has those too!) Simply put your finger in, press the button, and in a few seconds you have your numbers. It's so simple and so convenient.

I'm really, really into things that LAST! And this Rubbermaid Lunchbox Kit has lasted for years and is still going strong! It comes with an icepack (which I use every single day) and 4 containers. One for sandwiches and the others for snacks, dips, dressings, chips, chocolate...whatever you want to pack for lunch. AND they are stackable. They lock into each other to save space in your lunchbox and keep your food cold! Use them for kids lunches or adult lunches. And simply throw them in the dishwasher at the end of the day!

My family blessed me an apple watch for my birthday this summer and the band it came with was white. White and I don't get along well. (Remember, I can't have nice things...). I was very worried it was going to get dirty real quick. And worried it wasn't going to go with some of my outfits! #matchymatchy I found these simple silicon apple watch bands that look and fit JUST like the one that came with the watch. The color options make my watch wearable with any outfit I might wear. And they are durable and easily to clean! Exactly what I looking for!

This is a game changer! If you're like me and your natural hair is a frizzy mess that either needs product or needs to be will LOVE this. It's a blow dryer, a brush, and it straightens my hair at the same time! It does all that and leaves my hair with volume and body and even some curls at the end. I've really been trying to ruduce the heat damage to my hair and this has been so helpful. Instead of blowdrying and then using a straightener, I can do both at the same time and eliminate some potential damage. My hair looks shiny, healthy, and full!

So, even though this wasn't white satin sashes and schnitzel with noodles (which is really good by the way!) I hope that you find some of my favorite things useful OR as a great present for anyone you are looking to get something for this holiday season. And please, let me know what some of your Amazon favorites are as well in the comments!

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