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Ready for Heart Month?

February is coming! February is coming! Get out your red and your heart apparel! What's that? You don't have any? You need something new? Well friend, let me tell you about your options! Lucky for you I've compiled a list of some of online shops, stores, and boutiques that sell CHD apparel and accessories for the whole family! (Literally!) CHD warriors, siblings, parents, aunts, grandparents, cousins and friends...everyone can wear their red and spread awareness for Congenital Heart Disease! Click the links below and happy CHD shopping!

This store is one of my favorites. Not only do they shirts and accessories to advocate and spread awareness for tons of diseases, disabilities, and ideas..a percentage of their proceeds goes to towards a charitable cause involving children with disabilities. And it's started by a mamma of little boy with Down Syndrome and CHD. I have 2 shirts from them and the quality is GREAT as well. Click the link here and check their website out or just search CHD.

Here is another shop started by a mamma. They sell all sorts of apparel for kids and for moms. And especially for kids with CHD and heart moms. (And siblings and dads too!) Check out their website here and click the link at the top that says CHD apparel. (You can use the code heartwarrior to take 30% off!)

I want it ALL! That's how I feel when I go to this website. Not only are their apparel and accessories great...but I LOVE the selection and styles that they have. Again, this shop was started by parents of a child with CHD. Their mission is to spread awareness about CHD and create and connect a community of heart warriors and their families. Definitely something I can get behind. Click here and check them out!

Spreading awareness for CHD is SO important! That's the mission behind the Heart Strong Foundation. Proceeds from their shop go towards research as well as heart warriors and their families. Their apparel and accessories are perfect to wear to heart walks, runs, or just for fun! Check out their website here and click the link at the top that says 'Shop'.

Although Red Bubble itself isn't a site specifically that raises awareness for CHD, I've come across their site several times in my search for CHD related apparel and accessories. They have so many options of shirts related to many, many types of CHD and a ton of accessories that are perfect to help spread and raise awareness for heart disease. You can find all their gear right here.

It's amazing how far we've come since I was diagnosed with CHD in 1987. This site is home to the Kids With Heart National Association for Children's Heart Disorders (founded in 1985) by a group of families affected by CHD. They aim to provide support, education, and awareness for congenital heart defects through various methods. Their store is full of books about heart disease designed for children, parents, and siblings. As a teacher, and a CHD warrior and CHD sibling, I can certainly see wonderful benefit of these resources. You can visit their website here and click the link to their store.

Created by an open heart surgery survivor, The Zipper Club seeks to create a community of open heart surgery survivors allowing them a platform to share their stories and gather encouragement from others who have done the same. They also sell a selection of t-shirts and accessories to support the community and spread awareness. You can check out their website here and then click on Shop.

The American Heart Association is on the forefront of spreading awareness, funding research, and promoting heart health. And the proceeds from their shop goes exactly towards that! You can get pins, stickers, ribbons, scarves, cups, recipes, jewelry, umbrellas, apparel and SO much more! I love the sweat shirt I got form there-and it's super stylish too! Support their cause and spread awareness by clicking here.

Here a few other sites by fellow CHD warriors! Their stories are inspiring and most of their profits go towards other CHD warriors and their families to help meet their many needs. And of course, raise awareness for CHD in the process.

-CHD Warrior Megan and her story beating the odds of HLHS

-CHD Warrior Jessica and her story of perseverance

-CHD Warrior mom Sharon and story of raising her girls

-CHD Warrior family that declares Hope and Grace

Here area few other sites that have some really awesome CHD related items that would be great for any CHD warrior and their family members.

Did I miss a store, shop or boutique? Let me know if the comments below! And if you find any other CHD apparel or accessories; share those too! I always love to add my collection!

Happy Shopping! Can't wait to see all the awareness we spread next month!

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Jan 13, 2020

Bought a nice shirt at CHD warrior shop

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