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Life. Thoughts. Lessons learned. Surviving CHD.

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Worth Celebrating

Usually when heart month rolls around I have a grand plan I've been working on for weeks. I plan out my posts, organize, I edit the...

Books Review

Curious. Why do we say, "I read 3 books." or, "Go get your books." but then we go to the book store. The store sells more than one book. ...


In 2020 I received a new label that I wasn't prepared for; "vulnerable". That label is not necessarily bad, but when put in the context...

Who You Are

A lot of people do some of their best thinking in the shower. For me, I do my best crying there. Sure I can have some good thoughts,...

Masked Up

I didn't really want to share this. I didn't really want to "say" anything. There is so much going in our world right now that my words...

A Disappointing First

Today was my annual cardiology appointment. The one where I go and have them check to make sure my half a heart is still half and still...

But If Not. Not, What If

This is not the blog post had I had planed for March. This isn't what I wanted to share or write about. Spending the beginning of...

Momma Knows Best

My mom. If you know her, you know she is a strong lady. Confident and wise. Practical and kind. Her greatest treasure is her family,...

Heart Dad

My dad has been a rock since the very moment our CHD journey bean. I've seen him fight and cry over what CHD has done and where it has...

4 Things from CHD

I have never wanted people to feel sorry for me. I have never wanted to be pitied. I don't like to be patronized or disregarded. There...

Heart Month 2020

This is the month we've all been waiting for!So get out your red, brush up on your facts because... Here! We! Go!

Decade in Review

It’s a brand new decade. We are a whole week in. Thinking back to 10 years ago makes feel old, very old. But also very nostalgic. I may not

A Story of Survival

I found a lump. It was small, life a frozen pea. Early detection saved my life & I believe that now my life’s purpose is to share my story.

World Heart Day

Did you know there's a National Day for just about everything? Chocolate, bunnies, waffles, sending texts to your ex...everything. And...

Your Whole Life

This got me. This blurry little e-card or meme or whatever it's got me. It made me stop. It made me hold my breath.  And I...

Thank You

Have you have been given something to a child, and heard their mother say, "What do you say?". The child then knows that "what you say"...


In the summer, I go MIA from my life. I leave the state, I travel to visit family and friends, I camp out at my parents' house for...

Maybe a Miracle

I want to go hiking. I want to go to this place that has a trail that leads to a waterfall. The waterfall feeds into a stream, and...

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